National University (NU) Grading (CGPA) System

National University (NU) Grading (CGPA) System

National University Bangladesh Grading System information for National University of Bangladesh Honours, Degree, Masters Program Exam Grading System, and GPA/CGPA Count System.

If you want to know how to online grading system  Calculate / Check/ count Honours, Degree or relevant exam GPA/CGPA in National University Grading Points System you can find out it by using this process. National University Official website, in this post we will show you the CGPA or GPA Counting Process.

National University Grading System GPA/CGPA

National University (NU) grading system For Honours, Degree, Masters Exam Grading System, And GPA/CGPA Count System 2022.

National University Grading System 2022

National University - NU Grading System or Grade Point Average Calculation System GPA and CGPA Count System Details Informations given are Below.
National University Grading System 2022

National University grading system in Bangladesh

The Authority of  National University and  Published All of the Academic Years courses, Program Exam Result in New GPA/CGPA System.
  • 80% or above A+ 4.00
  • 75% to less than 80% A 3.75
  • 70% to less than 75% A- 3.50
  • 65% to less than 70% B+ 3.25
  • 60% to less than 65% B 3.00
  • 55% to less than 60% B- 2.75
  • 50% to less than 55% C+ 2.50
  • 45% to less than 50% C 2.25
  • 40% to less than 45% D 2.00
  • <40%(less than 40%) F (Fail) 0.00
  • NU Pass Mark 40 / D grade

NU Class Grading System

National University class grading system follows the British undergraduate degree classification (GPA and Class Grading System). GPA above or equal to 3 is equal to 1st Class in Honours degree in Bangladesh. This means,
  • NU Academic CGPA 3.00 to 4.00 = 1st Class
  • Academic CGPA 2.25 to 2.99 = 2nd Class
  • Academic CGPA 2.00 to 2.249 = 3rd Class

How to calculate NU GPA and CGPA?

Here you will get information on how you calculate your GPA result and also CGPA result.

Numbaric Grade Letter Grade Grade Point
80-100 A+ 4.00
75-79 A 3.75
70-74 A- 3.50
75-79 B+ 3.25

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