How to Apply For Voter ID Card Online

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If you are 16 years old, you can register online to get a new national identity card or voter ID card. Today I will show you how to become a voter online, how you can register for your national identity card (NID Online Registration) with the help of a mobile or computer.

All that is required to get a National Identity Card / Voter ID

National ID card update is an ongoing process. You can apply for National Identity Card registration anytime online.

If you are a citizen of Bangladesh but not yet registered, if you are 16 years of age or older but not yet registered for National Identity Card, you can apply for a new National Identity Card by filling up the online form.

Then submit your application to the concerned Upazila / Thana Election Office along with the required documents. After verifying all your information, you will be asked to provide your picture and fingerprint (biometric information).

You must have the following qualifications:

  1. Must be a citizen of Bangladesh.
  2. Age not less than 10 years.
  3. Previously not registered for National Identity Card.

What it takes to be a new voter

After applying online, a print copy of the application and a photocopy of the following required documents should be submitted to the concerned election office.

  • Print copy of online submission form
  • S.S.C. Or equivalent certificate (for proof of age)
  • Birth certificate (for proof of age)
  • Passport / Driving License / TIN Certificate (for proof of age)
  • Photocopy of father, mother, husband/wife ID card (of course)
  • Copy of utility bill/house rent receipt/holding tax receipt (as proof of address)
  • Citizenship Certificate (as applicable)

Online NID Registration

How to make a voter ID card? Applying for a new voter ID card online is a very simple and short process. Apply online with your personal information and submit the required documents to your nearest election office. At the end of your application verification, you will be called for a photo and fingerprint and you will be given a voter registration slip. If your national identity card application is approved within 10-15 days, you can download the identity card online.

New national identity card and voter registration process online

Account registration in NID Application System
Provide personal information
Submit online application
Application Verification
Biometric Information (Picture, Fingerprint)
Download / Collection of National Identity Card
Step 1 - Apply online for a new voter ID card
You can apply for voter ID card (nid card er jonno abedon) online from NID Online Registration website through internet browser from mobile or computer.

The advantage of applying online is that there is no possibility of incorrect national identity card information because here you are providing your own information. And the information you provide will be printed on the national identity card.

Follow the steps below to register for a new National Identity Card online.

1. Account registration
First of all you have to register your account in Bangladesh NID Application System with this link. See the picture below.

Rules for making new voter ID cards

Click the Apply button.

Rules for making new voter ID cards
Enter your name, date of birth and CAPTCHA code here and click on the Apply button.
Rules for issuing new national identity cards
Then you have to give your mobile number for mobile verification. Of course, give the mobile number that you are active and you have at the moment.

Of course you or the person you are applying to give your own mobile number. This is because the number will be required for future login or password change.

New voter ID card registration
Enter the 7-digit verification pin code on your mobile and go to the next step by clicking the Apply button.

Rules for making voter ID cards
Here you need to set a unique username and password. In the future, by logging in with this user and password, you will be able to download the national identity card, apply for correction and take other services.

Enter the username in a combination of English names and numbers and the password must be at least 6 digits.

If the Username Already Exists shows a problem with the username already used, change the username and try again.

Remember, your username does not match any other car. So write it carefully so that it is unique.

2. Provide personal information
Once the account is registered in the National Identity Card Application System, you will see a dashboard like below. If you can't log in automatically, you can log in with your username and password.

Rules for making voter ID cards

From here, apply for your new national identity card. Click the Profile option and click the Edit button from the top right.

Then you will find a page like below, where you have to enter your personal information, other information and address.

Rules for making new voter ID cards
In the first 1 part you have to write all your information and of course your father's and mother's name and national identity card number.

Even if you don't give the information of elder brother / sister, it can be done, but if you can give it, it can be an advantage for the future.

After that you must give the information of the husband / wife marital status, and give the name of the husband or wife according to the national identity card.

Then click on Part 2 for other information.

Application for new voter ID card
Choose your educational qualifications, profession and religion here. You can give other information if possible, even if you don't give, there will be no problem.

Then go to Part 3 Address Options and choose your current and permanent address.

Rules for making new voter ID cards
Choose your country of residence. Then tick next to the address (voter at this address) you want to be a voter at current or permanent address.

Select current address and permanent address and select Voter Area.

The next step is to upload the required documents.

3. Uploading documents and submitting application
You do not have to upload scanned copies or pictures of the required papers in this step.

Rules for making new voter ID cards
Please double-check the details of your application so that there are no errors.

If the information is correct, confirm and submit your application.

Once the application is submitted online, download your application form from the dashboard and print it on A4 size paper. Then resubmit the application along with other documents to the election office of the area where you are going to vote.

Yes, your application process is over.
Step 2 - Verification
Your application will be verified by the Upazila or District Election Office. They may contact you to verify.

Step 3- Provide biometric
After verifying the application, you will be called to take your picture and fingerprint (Biometric Information).

After 10 to 15 days, if your application is approved, you can download the national identity card online.
Step 4 - Download National Identity Card
If the application is approved, you will receive a message on your given mobile number that your application has been approved.

You can see the latest status of your application from the dashboard of your NID Application System.

If the application is approved, you can download the new national identity card or voter card by clicking on the download option from the right side of the dashboard.

You can read more,

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If you have any difficulty or question to apply, please comment. I will try to help as much as I can. Moreover, you can post about our problem on our Facebook page. Facebook page-

Answers to various questions related to new voter registration
I could not be a voter in time before, how can I be a voter now?
You can apply online to become a new voter at any time.

I registered as a voter in 2006/2007 or 2009/2010 but did not receive an ID card at that time. Now how to get ID card
What documents are required to become a new voter?
Birth Registration Certificate, SSC or Equivalent Exam Pass Certificate (if any), copy of any utility bill for proof of address, Citizen Certificate, Photocopy of PID of husband and wife if married, Passport, Driving License, TIN ( TIN) number (if any).

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