What is graphics design? What can be done to learn graphic design?

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an art. Designing an image is called graphic design. A person designs graphics through a computer software with a combination of creative ideas mixed with the sweetness of his mind. The more creative qualities a person has, the better quality graphics he will be able to design.

Today we're going to talk about one of the most sought-after online jobs, and that is Graphics Design. If you want to gain a thorough knowledge of graphic design then read the whole text with the mind. Also, after learning graphic design, you can read today's post to get a complete idea about the sectors in which you can get a job and become a freelance graphic designer.

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Graphic design is a very demanding profession nowadays. There is a huge demand for graphic design online and offline. Some people are earning a lot of money by taking it as a profession. Some people are working in graphics design in different companies. Some are earning part-time income by working as graphic designers in the freelancing marketplace besides studying.

Due to the growing demand for graphic design, most of the young men and women in our country are trying to learn graphic design. But not understanding how to start learning graphic design without getting the right direction. Moreover, a person is not able to become a graphic designer in spite of taking a graphic design course as he cannot choose a good quality institution.

We will discuss graphic design in detail in today's post. In particular, we will discuss in detail what is meant by graphic design, what can be done by learning graphic design, where to do graphic design course, what is taught graphic design, how to do graphic design online course and how much money you can earn by freelancing graphic design.

I believe that if you read this post carefully from beginning to end you will know all the ways to earn money online through graphic design by knowing the details about graphic design and later you will be able to earn money online and offline as a graphic designer yourself. So let's talk more about the details:

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is two words whose first word is graphics. The word graphics breaks down into two words. One is the graph and the other is the fix. Graph means line or figure and fixes means specific. The word graphic means a specific image and design means size or design. Graphic design means the shape or design of a particular image. Graphic design is the art or skill of assembling pictures from advertisements or magazines or books.

What does graphic design mean?

The description of the graphic design is actually extensive, which is not to say the end. Think about the situation around you. Some of the things I said about what you see around you are whether you see it or not. The things are - school or college admission banners, posters or leaflets of different businesses, banners of different types of cultural events, wedding or invitation cards of different events, any symbol or letter mark on different products, stickers or tattoos, etc. Did you know that all of this involves graphic design work? So how wide is the scope of folks?

There are many parts to graphic design. Each part performs an individual function. Now let's learn about the names of different types of graphics designs and their work. Logo Design, Card Design, Flyer Design, Product Hologram Design, Sticker Design, Image Editing & Design, Image Resize, Scratch Design & Interface Design.

1. Logo design

A logo design is a symbol or symbol on a product that signifies the name and type of the product or company. The job of logo design is to carry a small but big money. A logo design is made by designing a letter with colors or by designing a flower or a bird or any other image in small size.

2. Card design

Cards that carry invitations to weddings, circumcisions or celebrities, death or birth anniversaries, school or college events are therefore card designs. The nameplates used by different professionals to express their identities are also included in this card design.

3. Flyer design

Flyer money promotion. That means you understand what a flyer design is. Advertising campaigns of any person, company, organization, school or college, etc. are done by different types of leaflets with the help of this design.

4. Product hologram design

The hologram design is the design that is usually given in different colors of glossy color on different products. This type of design is usually brilliant. When the sun shines, the product becomes shinier.

5. Sticker design

There is not much to say about sticker design. Because almost everything we need is a small sticker of some company. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

6. Image editing and design

Image editing and design is very important part of graphics design. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Image editing and designing is usually done with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. To become a graphic designer, you must learn the work of image editing and design.

7. Scratch design

Scratch design is a part of graphics design. Usually, this kind of picture is like a picture in pencil. Many people make such pictures as a hobby. If you can make such a scratch picture, you can get a lot of good money.

8. Interface design

To be a good graphic designer you need to have a good idea about interface design. You must be creative to create any kind of design interface. Just as an artist draws a picture with a combination of paints with the sweetness of his mind, your thinking power must be creative to design an interface. Millions of rupees can be earned by designing a standard interface.

What can be done to learn graphic design?

I can't tell you how much demand there is for graphic design in the whole world. From small programs to large programs, almost all types of events require a variety of banners and festoons for decoration. Moreover, there is a huge demand for graphics design, from website design to logo design.

If you can be a good graphic designer, then you don't have to run after money, money will run after you. Because by freelancing through graphics design, you can earn more than one lakh rupees per month. Moreover, even if you work as a graphic designer in different organizations, you will be able to earn 60 thousand to 1 lakh rupees per month. Apart from this, even if you open your own small shop, you can earn 4/5 lakh rupees per month through graphics design.

How much money can be earned by designing graphics?

A skilled graphic designer can earn money in different ways. First, a graphic designer sells a variety of banners, festoons, and designs. Second, freelancing as a graphic designer in various freelancing marketplaces. The third is the job as a graphic designer in different companies. However, if you want a skilled graphic designer, you can earn money by working together in all sectors.

I have already shared a detailed post on the blog about freelancing. You can learn more about freelancing by reading this post. Graphic design is in high demand in the freelancing marketplace. If you take a closer look at the image below, you can see for yourself how much money a freelancer is earning by designing graphics.

How much money can be earned by designing graphics?

The image above is taken from the Upwork Freelance Marketplace. These three are freelance graphic designers in our country. They work with different sectors of graphic design. These three charge 50$ per hour for graphic design. Now you tell yourself how much money a graphic designer is earning?

Graphics design job

Graphic design is in high demand in the world market. Now that everyone is doing online business and official work, you can easily get the job of your choice at your fingertips. Also, look at the types of positions and offices where you can work in graphic design at home and abroad:

  • As a senior graphics designer, you can join public and private companies.
  • You can work as a graphics designer in various IT sectors at home and abroad.
  • You can join as a Graphic Designer in District, Upazila, and Government Offices.
  • You can do image editing work in different organizations.
  • In the freelancing marketplaces, you can easily get the work of graphics sitting at home.
  • You can get jobs in online marketplaces.
  • You can work on web developing sites.
  • You can work in magazines and news media.

Graphics design course

Usually, you can take a graphics design course through two platforms. One is to learn online and the other is to learn from any organization. In this case, if you do not have a basic idea about graphic design, then you must take a graphics design course from a training center.

How to learn graphic design?

Graphics design is not something you have to be very skilled at. The task is not too difficult. Graphic design is a complementary form of the thing that we paint in real life by mixing the sweetness of the mind with the way we draw and think about nature.
In order to present this work in a beautiful way, you need to have a beautiful mind and creative thinking consciousness. Along with that, you have to think about how beautifully a picture can be painted. If you work with patience and practice more and more, a common man can become a great graphic designer.
Today you will be informed about the things you need to know while learning graphic design or working with graphic design. In fact, a beginner graphic designer does not understand where to start and what to learn first.
If you know which parts you should learn first then it will be easier for you to learn graphic design. So our little effort to get to know you. In the early stages of graphics design, the things that you will learn first are mentioned in stages. See below:

1. Photoshop Fundamentals

There are two parts to graphic design that you can't learn graphic design without knowing. You will be a master of graphics design when you have completed the two parts. The first part is Photoshop Fundamental, another Adobe Illustrator. We will first discuss the Graphics Design Photoshop Fundamentals.
There are a few things to know inside Photoshop Fundamental. I will give the link to the book on this subject below. Here's what you'll learn in the Photoshop Fundamentals:
  • Typography.
  • Ethics of color and pattern.
  • Basic Principles of Sepsis.
  • Image-making technique.
  • Photoshop Fundamentals that create the national design of the painting.
Photoshop Freelancing is a template design designed for online marketplaces, business card identities, and card backs. Since Photoshop Fundamental is a very important step, you need to learn how to make it work beautifully.
Below is a link to the kind of software application that will make Photoshop Fundamental work. You must download it. You can download it for free. (Of course, this software application from Photoshop is not for phones)
Photoshop Fundamentals and Painting Design is a very important step so I have given below the link of its Bangla PDF book. You will get a clear idea about the part of Photoshop Fundamentals from Byte. If you download the book, you will know a lot more.

2. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one of the hardest and most important steps in graphics design. It carries the whole brain of graphics design. Just as a human head is needed to acquire intelligence, so to become a professional in graphics design, you need to have a clear knowledge of Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is an important part of web design.
It is software that allows you to design different logos, letter shapes, colors, and different small words. For your convenience, I have given below the link to this Adobe Illustrator software application. You can download it for free. (Of course, the application is not for the phone)
I have given the link to a good-quality Bangla PDF book for your convenience, which you can see below. The book will be very good for your full concept, and you will be able to have a much better experience.

3. Video editing

You can also learn photo editing as well as video editing to get a good position in graphics design, which will strengthen your career. Take at least two to three months to teach this work and master all the details. Then you will see that graphic design is a very simple job. You just have to be patient. Because in order to be successful, you have to work hard and you have to work hard.

Where to do a graphics design course?

The Government of Bangladesh is currently conducting training in graphics design for the purpose of building skilled manpower. In this case, you can learn basic graphics design for only 2000 / -. To learn graphic design officially, your educational qualification must be a minimum HSC pass. The following subjects are taught in a 6-month course for officially learning graphic design:
  1. Gain basic and basic knowledge about graphics design.
  2. Graphics design using Adobe Photoshop, ImageReady, and other software.
  3. Graphics design using Adobe Illustrator.
  4. Create animations using different software.
  5. Digital video editing using Adobe Premiere and ULID applications.
  6. Also, use Adobe's other software.
However, if you do not have the above educational qualifications or if you do not want to learn to be a government institution, you can learn graphic design from a training center near you. In this case, you must spend about 10 to 15 thousand Taka.

What is graphic design taught?

Usually, the training institute will teach you what graphic design work you need to know from that institute first. At the same time, it is good to know whether the training institute has good quality trainers or not. Otherwise, your hard-earned money may be wasted. Because most of the graphic design training centers in our country do not have skilled instructors, it is not possible to acquire sufficient knowledge about graphic design despite being admitted.
A good graphic design course will teach you the following:
  • Adobe Photoshop Basic and Advanced.
  • Adobe Illustrator Professional Graphics Design.
  • Logo Design and Creativity.
  • Banner design and banner printing.
  • Clipping path.
  • Multipath.
  • Color correction (important).
  • Web template design.
  • Illustration design.
  • Typography.
  • Infographic design.
  • Visual Hierarchy.
  • User interface design.
  • User experience design.

Graphics Design Online Course

Graphics design is taught in a variety of online courses. Online or offline courses in graphics design basically teach everything from the basic level. There are many free training services online from where you can learn by registering for free. Many sectors offer courses at a very low cost.
You can also learn graphic design from those institutions if you want. If you search for graphic design on YouTube, you will find thousands of videos, by watching which you can learn graphic design. These will increase your interest in knowing and learning.

Graphics design software

Becoming a skilled graphics designer requires a variety of professional software. Because graphics design cannot be done with one or two software. When creating any type of design, you have to give a professional look to the design with the help of multiple software. To become a good graphic designer, you need to know the following software:
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Affinity Designer
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe After Effect
  • GIMP
  • Vector

Graphics design book

You can buy good-quality graphic design books from different libraries to learn graphic design. Good-quality graphic design books are usually available for between BDT 500 and BDT 1,000. Plus, you'll be getting graphic design books online from www.rokomari.com. There are several graphic design books in Rokmari from which you can easily pick the book of your choice.
Graphics Design Book PDF Download
Many types of graphic design books can be downloaded PDF online. But good quality books are not usually available. I have collected some links to download Graphics Design PDF Book Free from the internet. These books are not my own writings. But I really like the books. Hopefully, these will help you to learn the basics of graphic design. You can download Graphics Design PDF Book Free from the following link:
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator

Graphics Design FAQ

Will I be able to earn income by learning graphics design in 3 months?

A: If you are brand new or don't have a basic idea about graphic design then you can't learn graphic design in 3 months. In this case, there is no question of income. However, if you have a lot of patience and persistence for 6 months, the way to earn money from graphic design will be easier for you after six months.

How to start learning graphic design?

A: We have given detailed guidance in this post. Read the post carefully, then you will know the details and how to get started in graphics design.

Which site should I start with, I don't understand anything?

A: First you need to know the details about graphics design. Then you can understand for yourself how to earn money by designing graphics from any site. Because the freelancing market is the easiest site to design graphics.

How to easily succeed in the graphics design sector?

A: Graphic design is a vast subject so there is no chance of easy success. If you can prove yourself through work and become a good graphic designer then you will be successful.

I finished learning Photoshop and Illustrator. How do I get started online now?

A: After learning Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, you will be able to earn a fair amount of money online and offline by designing graphics. In this case, you can create your own portfolio in different freelance marketplaces. At first, you have to do small things well. Once you get acquainted with the buyers, you will get big jobs.

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