What is E-SIM Card? How e-SIM Cards Work?

What is E-SIM Card

If you are using the latest iPhone, Pixel, and Samsung devices that have come in the market then you may not know that there is an option in the smartphone. That is the e-SIM card. An E-SIM card is a smart or newer version of a traditional SIM card. Where the device is pre-connected to the motherboard. As you can see, your smartphone has NFC installed.

The latest phones like iPhone, Pixel, Samsung, etc. in the market are completely different from all the previous smartphones or other phones. Because in these smartphones customers will get to use the new dual SIM card for the first time. But the bigger advantage is that iPhone users can use dual SIM cards. The iPhone will have the facility to use e-SIM as well as physical SIM. These two SIM numbers will be completely different. Where the user will get two completely different connections.

All these new technologies have gained popularity very quickly. However, the popularity will increase when the support of this e-SIM (SIM CARD) will be seen in the market in more mid range or medium low priced phones. Now you may ask what is an e-SIM card, how it works and how good it is and what are its advantages and disadvantages. So today through this post you will know what is e-SIM card is. Let's take a look then-

What is E-Sim?

The full form of an e-SIM card is Embedded SIM Card. E-SIM is a digital embedded SIM card. The e-SIM card works in the same style as the traditional SIM card in your phone that connects your phone to the cell network in the same way that the technology works. E-SIM (E-SIM CARD) is 10 times smaller than any ordinary SIM card.

These SIM cards are not inserted in the phone like other SIM cards but are attached to the motherboard where the smartphones are made. That's why this SIM card is included in the hardware of the smartphone. And yes, it is not possible to get the SIM card of this phone. This technology has been used in iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and this e-SIM card has been used in iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, and the new Pixel 4 and Pixel XL 4 smartphones support this e-SIM.

No need to open and insert this SIM card later. This means that you cannot change the number of this SIM card or move it from one operator to another. This method is virtually rewritable which means you can write different SIMs as you wish and you can uninstall the previous SIM. This means that an e-SIM card (E-SIM CARD) is much easier to insert.

You do not have to go to the operator customer care for this, you do not have to buy a new physical SIM card. You can register a new SIM just by calling or downloading an app from the operator and even setting it up with the phone. This e-SIM is commonly used especially for launching phone dual SIM features. This means that this SIM is used as a replacement for the traditional SIM card.

iPhone, Pixel, Samsung flagship premium phones usually have one physical SIM card support. So these phones can take advantage of dual SIM using E-SIM. At present almost all mobile companies in the world support Gula e-SIM. Our neighboring country India uses carrier e-SIM. However, if you have iPhone 11, Pixel, Samsung flagship phone and if your mobile operator supports it, then you can use e-SIM (E-SIM) card.

How e-SIM works

E-SIM card is a part of smartphone hardware. And it will not be activated until you download the operator profile. Until recently, Bluetooth was used to connect smartwatches to iPhones, but e-SIM allows you to use your phone using a smartwatch, fitness band, or any wearable device directly from the mobile network. This means that you can use the same number that is given on the iPhone Apple Watch.

Advantages of E-SIM

The iPhone XS and XS Max are Apple's first two dual smartphones. Two different numbers of two companies can be used simultaneously in these two SIMs. The smartphone will have two SIMs in standby mode so that if two phone calls are made at the same time, it can be received and dialed. The iPhone XS and XS Max will have the benefit of two SIMs, but the phone will only need to fill one SIM card and not one SIM. Because the phone will already have a SIM card full.

The first advantage of E-SIM is that it is much smaller in size, we know the Nano SIM card is very small but this e-SIM card is 3 times smaller. In other words, the e-SIM card is 3 times smaller than a Nano SIM card. Now think for a while about how small this e-SIM E-SIM card is. E-SIM E-SIM card is attached to the motherboard of the phone, so the phone can save a lot of space or save space. As a result, it is possible to install larger phone batteries and it is convenient to install many different devices.

You do not have to carry a clipper with you or the user to open the e-SIM card. And if there is no SIM in the phone, then there is no need to open the SIM. If you ever travel outside the country, you can get the number of the local SIM through e-SIM. E-SIM card or flagship phone allows you to easily separate walk and personal.

Disadvantages of e-SIM card

The big problem with e-SIM card is that if you change the phone, you will not be able to change the SIM from one phone to another just like physical SIM. If your smart phone is damaged but you want to open this SIM and put another phone but you can't do this.

If you want to open the SIM you can put it in your modem or any other device but you can't do that with e-SIM card. If e-SIM becomes more popular in the future then new technology may come then e-SIM can be transferred from one phone to another. Then maybe just scan the QR code and the SIM will be transferred to another phone. However, in this case another security will be seen.

Bangladesh e-Sim Card

On 16 December 2021 Bangladesh 50 Victory Day has been calibrated. Bondhu.life officially announced e-Sim service in Bangladesh.
Currently, 11 countries can use the iPhone with e-SIM facility
  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Croatia
  4. India
  5. Spain
  6. United Kingdom
  7. United States
  8. Chase Republic
  9. Germany
  10. Hungary
  11. Bangladesh
So today I had the details about E-SIM.

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