What is Backlinks? How to get backlinks?

What is Backlinks

A backlink is an external link that creates a backlink to your website by being linked to or linked to another website. Simply put, when another website gives a link to your site, your website calls a link from another site a backlink. The importance of backlinks in search engine optimization is immense.

Backlinks are one of the most widely used terms in search engine optimization (SEO). We usually say that Google has more than two hundred ranking factors. Of these two hundred Google ranking factors, Backlink is the most important.

The world-famous SEO organization "Moz" asked about one hundred SEO experts about the Google ranking fact in order to do research on the Google ranking factor. In response to Moz's question, the most important factor in the Google ranking factor is backlink. Moreover, 4/5 years ago, only backlinks were given importance in the ranking of a website, which means that the more backlinks a website has, the more websites/blogs it can rank.

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Many of those who are new to blogging do not understand the importance of backlinks properly or the importance of backlinks in search engine optimization. In today's post, you will know what is backlink, how important is backlinks in search engine optimization, how important are backlinks for success in online blogging?

You will also learn how to analyze the backlinks of your blog's competitors and how to increase the number of backlinks required by your competitors' blogs and increase the traffic from the search engine to the top of the results page of the Google search engine.

What is backlinks?

In search engine optimization (SEO) terms, backlink means linking one web page to another web page. That web page can be the main domain of a blog/website or a link to a post. You can think of each backlink of your blog as one of the votes of the blog.

This backlink again becomes of two types. One is an Internal Backlink and the other is an External Backlink. When the link of your own web page is linked to a page/post of your blog/website then it will be considered as Internal Backlink. On the other hand, when the link of your own web page is linked to the page/post of another blog/website, it will be counted as External Backlink.

In most blogs, I have seen the definition of backlink in such a way that when a link to your own blog is linked to another blog, it is called a backlink. This is a completely wrong idea. Backlinks are not only linked to other people's blogs but also linked to your own blog/page.

What is Backlinks
For example, suppose you link the URL of your blog or the URL of the post to your blog, or the owner of another blog links the URL of your blog/post to his blog. In this case, your blog will be deemed to have received a backlink from the link that was linked to you or another blog.
Suppose the name of your blog is "Blogger Tricks" and the name of the blog to which the link of your blog has been added is "SEO Tricks". In this case, you will be considered to have got a backlink to your blog from the blog called "SEO Tricks". In this way, the more you add the URL of your blog to the blog, the more the backlink of your blog will increase. This is a very important issue for search engine optimization (SEO). Backlinks are an effective part of Off-Page SEO.

Some elements of backlink

There are several elements to backlinks for which backlinks are so important in search engine optimization. In the form of points below, I will hold those issues in front of you. Understanding these issues will help you to do proper link building.
  1. Link Juice: When a post on your blog is linked to another blog to form a backlink, your post will bring some Link Juice from the linked post. On the other hand, when a link to another blog is added to your blog/post, that blog will take Link Juice from your post. This type of Link Juice increases the Domain Authority by increasing the rank of the post.
  2. NoFollow Link: When a search engine bot or crawler crawls a blog, if you see a Nofollow link anywhere in the blog, it will bypass the link without giving much importance. In that case, no matter how many NoFollow Backlinks you create on your blog, it will not be of much importance to the search engines. Because after a NoFollow link post to carry Link Juice.
  3. DoFollow Link: DoFollow Link is the complete opposite of Nofollow. When a search engine bot or crawler crawls a blog, when it sees a DoFollow link somewhere in the blog, it throws the link and goes to the page of that link. As well as the post that was linked to the post with some Link Juice. DoFollow Backlink has a lot of value when it comes to ranking a website.
  4. Internal Links: If the link of your own web page is linked to a page/post of your blog/website then it will be considered as Internal Link. The importance of internal backlinks to search engines is very low.
  5. External Links: If your own web page link is linked to another blog/website page/post then it is considered as External Link. External backlinks are very important to search engines and contribute significantly to the ranking of a website.
  6. Root Domain Links: This means how many unique domains you are creating backlinks from. Suppose you created 10 backlinks from 10 different posts on my blog. In this case, your backlink will be 10 but the root domain link will be one. Because my main domain address is a. In this case, if you create backlinks from different blogs, the number of Root Domain Links will increase and the ranking of your blog will continue to increase.
  7. Low-Quality Link: There was a time when you could collect backlinks from three blogs, but the algorithm of Google has been updated, so creating a backlink from a low-quality website will not be of any use. In order to get backlinks, you must create a backlink from a website with High Domain Authority.
  8. Irrelevant Links: There is no benefit in creating a backlink from a blog/post that does not match the content of your blog/post (Niche). The topic of your blog is "Android Tips and Tricks" but you have linked with the blog about "Health Tips". Such backlinks have no value.

What are the benefits of backlinks in SEO?

There was a time when it was possible to rank a blog with any kind of backlink, but with the introduction of new rules of the Google Penguin Algorithm, it has become more difficult to rank in Google search engine without a quality backlink. At present no good results can be expected with low-quality backlinks.

Now in the case of creating backlinks, you have to look at Domain Authority and Page Authority. If you are thinking of purchasing backlinks, you must clear this with your backlink providers before making a purchase. Otherwise, they will give you low-quality backlinks which will not be of any use for ranking your blog.
In the case of SEO, Backlink will do the following for your blog:
  1. Faster Indexing
  2. Improve Organic Rank
  3. Improve Page and Domain Authority
  4. Referral Traffic
  5. Building Relationship

1. Faster Indexing

The less time a blog post is indexed by search engines, the faster the post will be able to generate traffic from search engines. Because unless a post is indexed, it will not show on the search engine results page.

In this case, if your new posts can create a backlink with a good quality blog, then the search engine crawler will quickly index your post by crawling on that blog post. Normally it takes a while for a search engines to get ideas about a new post. Moreover, if your blog is new, it may take a long time for search engines to get an idea about the post. The importance of backlinks is immense if you want to index new posts in a short time.

2. Improve Organic Rank

Backlinks will definitely increase the search ranking of a blog. All the world-famous SEO companies and SEO experts always say that the more backlinks a good post has, the more the post will be able to rank in search engines. Let's see the truth of the matter in the figure below.

What is Backlinks

The image above is taken from the popular SEO tools ahrefs. Before taking the image, I do a search by typing YouTube SEO in the Google search engine. Searching by typing YouTube SEO shows Backlinko.Com's post at number 1 in Google search results and Neilpatel.Com's post at number 2 in Google search results. Then I researched the links between the two pages in the ahrefs tools and saw the results above.

See in the image above the backlink of the 1st ranked post in YouTube SEO keyword is 70 and the backlink of the 2nd ranked post is 1099. So it can be seen that the more backlinks there are in the blog post, the more the blog post ranks in the search results.

Note that the above image I have created by researching different ways from ahrefs tools together. The most popular SEO tool is ahrefs. This is a paid tool. It costs about ১০ 100 a month to use this tool. I have only verified the backlink via the link using the free version. If you use the paid version, you can get backlinks using keywords. I didn't have a paid version so I couldn't show more details. This tool can be used to easily increase the ranking of any website SEO.

3. Improve Page and Domain Authority

At one time Google had its own ranking system (1 to 10) but a few years ago Google abolished the ranking system to protect the privacy of their ranking system. For that, the ranking of a website is currently measured through Page Authority and Domain Authority. Usually, Page Authority and Domain Authority are from 01 to 100. The higher the PA and DA of a website, the better the ranking of that website. Backlinks play an important role in increasing the PA and DA of a blog. See in the picture below-

What is Backlinks

The image above is taken from a Google search result. Searching by typing YouTube SEO resulted in higher PA and DA of the two websites that were ranked No. 1 and No. 2 on the Google search results page. Usually the higher the backlink of a post the higher the Page Authority of that post and it collects traffic from the top in the search results. Page Authority-55 of Post No. 1 and Page Authority-51 of Post No. 2 in the image above.

From the image above, it is easy to understand that the post authority of the post is high due to the high backlink of post 1 and it is ranking at number 1 in Google search. Then the second post backlink is a little less than the first post so its Page Authority is a little less than the first post and it is ranking at number 2 in Google search.

4. Referral Traffic

If you can create backlinks from blogs that have a lot of traffic, then it is possible to get a lot of traffic to your blog through referral traffic. Because a good quality blog has a lot of visitors and if you share the link of your blog as anchor text inside the post of that blog, 80% of the visitors of that post will come to read your blog post by clicking on the backlink. Finding such backlinks is very difficult. However, if you wish, you can create such backlinks through guest blogging. Because no one would want to give such a backlink without guest blogging.

5. Building Relationship

Backlinks undoubtedly create a kind of relationship between different blogs and readers. Backlinks are like a linking relationship between a blog and another blog. On the other hand, readers get acquainted with another blog through a link from one blog. In this way, if the reader likes your blog article, he can subscribe to the blog and like the Facebook and Twitter pages. In this way, Backlink will increase the rank and traffic of the blog by creating the relationship of the blog.

How to create a backlink?

After such a long discussion, I came to the main point of Backlink. I believe from the above discussion and analysis you have got a clear idea about the gut of backlinks. Before discussing how to create a backlink, I would like to remind you that when creating a backlink, you should focus not only on quantity but also on quality.

Because in order to create additional backlinks, Google will penalize less important links and treat them as spam. In this way, your backlinks will work in reverse to increase the rank instead of increasing the rank.

Here are some ways to create or increase backlinks:

  • Quality Content (Most Important)
  • Guest Blogging
  • Submit to Web Directories
  • Broken Link Building
  • Competitors Backlinks

1. Quality Content

If you can write a good article on your blog, then getting backlinks is a matter of time. There is usually a saying that whoever has talent inside will burn. If the content of your blog is of the highest quality then others must share your blog post in their blog. If you don't have good quality unique content on your blog, why not just let others share your blog post. There must be a reason behind sharing the post. And that reason must be the quality finished article.

Here are some tips to become a good writer or write a good article-

  • Write about different types of problem-solving. A visitor does not come to read a blog online without just a reason. Come to your blog to find a solution to any problem. If you find a solution in this case, you must share the link to your post through various means.
  • Write using language that all classes of readers can easily understand. Try to write using simple words, especially in the case of English blogs. In this way, readers of all levels including less educated and more educated will be able to understand the language of writing. Don't make difficult things difficult just by using complicated sentences to achieve yourself as a genius.
  • At present all kinds of articles are available online. Then try to write any subject in a slightly unique style in a different style than others.
  • After writing about a subject, try to make it clearer by giving an example towards the end of it. This will increase the acceptability of your writing to the reader.
  • You can share it on the blog by arranging interviews with different experts. This will add value to the readers of your blog.

After sharing good quality content on your blog, if you want to get it to the readers through search engines, you must wait a few days. Because normal search engines will take some time to index your new post. For that, if you want to create a backlink in a short time by delivering your article to the reader quickly, you have to spread the post to the reader. You can use Google to do this.

What is Backlinks

The main keyword of the post you are writing about can be found by searching the blogs of your blog competitors by searching on Google search engine and informing about the new post of your blog through their blog contact form. This way they will read your post by clicking on the link received in the mail.

What is Backlinks

If you want, you can take the help of BuzzSumo free tool to find the trending topic of the desired post of your blog.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is one of the easiest ways for a blogger to make his or her own blog debut. New bloggers will not be able to create backlinks for their blogs except Guest Blogging. If you can share a good unique post in a blog, the admin of that blog will normally not hesitate to give you 2/4 backlinks within that post.

However, it is very difficult to find a good quality blog that allows guest blogging. Most good blogs don't want to receive guest posts. And there are some blogs that receive guest posts but they have a lot of Terms and Conditions so it is not possible for everyone to do Guest Blogging. There are some blogs that can be posted through guest blogging but do not want to give any backlink in the first place.

However, I believe that if you do guest blogging on any blog with good quality content, the admin will give you at least one backlink. A backlink to a good-quality blog can be very valuable for your blog.

How to find Guest Blog?

Many blogs that receive guest posts can be found online. You can do this through the Google search engine. I will try to give you a rough idea of ​​how to get them out of Google by searching.

  • [Your Keyword] “guest post”
  • [Your Keyword] “Write for us”
  • [Your Keyword] “guest blog”
  • [Your Keyword] “guest posting”
  • [Your Keyword] “guest blogging”
  • [Your Keyword] “Submit a guest post”
  • [Your Keyword] “submit post”
  • [Your Keyword] “Submit blog post”
  • [Your Keyword] “Add blog post”
  • [Your Keyword] “Submit an article”
  • [Your Keyword] “Submit your content”
  • [Your Keyword] “Suggest a guest post”

This way you can easily find guest blogs related to topics related to your blog from Google. You will find some blogs that will allow you to register on their blogs and some blogs that only receive posts. Moreover, if you like a blog and you want to work as a guest blogger there, you can contact the admin of that blog directly or via email.

This way, those who do not receive guest bloggers can also add you as a guest blogger at your request. However, in the case of guest blogging, you must make sure that the blog in which you are doing guest blogging is related to the topic of your blog. Otherwise, the backlinks obtained through guest blogging will not be able to bring any value to your blog.

3. Submit to Web Directories

Directory Submission refers to some websites that store various blogs/websites in their database. The main purpose of the Directory site is to make it easy for a visitor to find the desired website and get services from those websites. The importance of Directory Submission is immense for the rapid introduction of a new blog to the online world.

There are many web directories online that you can find by searching on Google. However, before submitting them to the directory, you must verify them. Otherwise, creating massive backlinks may result in spamming your blog. I will try to share a detailed post on this topic in the future.

4. Broken Link Building

There are billions upon billions of websites / blogs online. Every day new blogs are being created and many people are giving up blogging as they cannot compete. Moreover, many people are constantly updating their posts and making changes. As a result of these updates and changes, your blog is losing the backlinks it once received from those blogs. As a result, the Broken Link of your blog is increasing.

This type of Broken Link search engine does not like in any way. As a result of Broken Link, search engines are confused about the link to your blog, whether your post is actually active or not. Moreover, because of Broken Link, the visitors get in an annoying situation that affects the ranking of your blog.

There are various paid and free tools online through which you can easily find out the Broken Link of the blog. See in the picture below I am Dr. I have found out the Broken Link of a blog from Link Check.

What is Backlinks

As you can see in the picture above, out of the total 2500 backlinks of a post, there are 25 Broken Links. This way you can find out the Broken Link of your blog. However, the information on the website above did not satisfy me completely. You can take the help of ahrefs Broken Link Checker to find a complete, reliable, and accurate Broken Link.

Finally, by submitting the link of the Broken Link you are looking for in the Wayback Machine, you can inform the admins of the desired blog to re-link those backlinks. They will either re-add the link to your blog or permanently remove the link from their blog. This will free your blog from the problem of Broken Link.

5. Competitors Backlinks

Do a Google search for the site and then click on the cached link below the search results. Then by analyzing the links of those blogs with the help of different tools, you can get an idea about which blogs or platforms they have taken backlinks from. Then you can try to create a backlink from the blog/website from which they took backlinks.

Aherfs tools are the most popular for checking competitors' backlinks. Usually, there are no good free tools to analyze such options, so I can not show you the subject at hand. But soon I will try to give a clear idea about the subject through aherfs tools.

6. Other ways to create backlinks

In addition to the above 5 ways, you can create backlinks from different blogs/websites by adopting some more techniques. However, I will personally suggest increasing the backlinks in all the above methods. Now I will recommend you not to take the ways that I am sharing below seriously.

Because with these you may be able to create backlinks but they will not be very important in search engine optimization. However, if your blog is new, you can only create backlinks through forum posts. In the new situation, it will help to introduce your blog through various means.

  1. Forums post.
  2. Comments on other people's blogs.
  3. Comment on the forum.
  4. Via press release.
  5. Exchange links.
  6. Through advertisements on the website.
  7. Purchases backlinks (Paid Backlinks).

How to create a backlink?

From all the above discussions and analyzes you have already got a clear idea of ​​what to look for and what to consider to create backlinks for your blog. Even then, before concluding the post, I am summarizing the whole issue once again.

  • Of course, create backlinks from good-quality blogs. Try to get backlinks from blogs that have good domain authority and page authority.
  • There is no benefit to backlinks from blogs that are not related to your topic. To create backlinks from blogs that match your blog's Niche.
  • Always try to create a DoFollw Backlink.
  • It is better not to create backlinks through advertisements. Because there is a possibility of spamming.
  • When it comes to getting paid backlinks, talk to your backlink provider. But in my opinion, it is better not to take paid backlinks.
  • Try to get different blogs from the same blog/website without creating backlinks again and again.
  • Try to get backlinks from the blogs of your blog competitors. Then you can easily post rank.

What are organic and paid backlinks?

Simply put, after a long day of blogging, when the popularity of the blog continues to grow, the link that is automatically created with other blogs is the organic backlink. On the other hand, paid backlinks that are bought from various third-party blogs or webmasters for money are paid backlinks. Sutra understands that money is not required for organic backlinks, on the other hand paid links are collected for money.

Need organic or paid backlinks?

As I said before, organic backlinks tend to increase automatically as the popularity of the blog grows. However, after launching a new blog, you can easily increase good backlinks by commenting on other blogs related to the topic of your blog and participating in forums including joining as a blogger on various blogs.
This is an important factor in creating backlinks for a blog in a new situation. Since organic backlinks will be added to your blog by yourself or over time by others who understand the importance of your blog, this type of link will create backlinks by associating with blogs that are similar to your blog topic i.e. the subject of your blog and the blog from which the backlinks were created. The subject of that blog will be the same or side by side.
On the other hand, those who create backlinks in exchange for money through contracts from various webmasters or IT companies, do not create backlinks from blogs that are similar to your blog. In this case, it is very easy and in a short time to create backlinks from all the websites and blogs that are under their network.
In this case, since the content of your blog and the content of the blog where the links are created do not match, backlinks can not bring much importance to anyone from visitors and search engines. I am making the matter clearer to you through examples. But before giving an example, I will share two more things. Then I will try to explain with examples.
I started writing this post through one of my clients. Yesterday a web designer came to me to do SEO of his website. First, let me show you his website. His site is hosted on WordPress and taken from domain and hosting GoDaddy. The topic of his website was web skill testing. At first glance, I thought it was a very normal thing.
But after looking at everything later, I realized that there are many good things. Looking at the details and discussing, I realized that he is a very good web designer. He wanted to do a full SEO job for his website. I agreed with him and pretty much everything was final. But the problem is he has to create enough backlinks.
Then I told him not to create backlinks. It becomes automatic over time. You can do this yourself. I explained in detail how to do it. But he did not want to agree with me. Eventually, I was forced to cancel my SEO deal with him.
Example: Suppose you are a regular trader of Apex Show Company. The regular product of your company is the show of various new decorative designs. You will try to keep in your store by designing new shows to suit the needs of the buyers at different times.
In that case, you would never want to set up a tea shop inside your show market. Because people all over the world know that Apex is a good show company. There is no question of going for tea here. Even then, if you accidentally set up a tea shop in an Apex market, the number of customers going for tea will never exceed 5%.
In the same way, if a post written about the web design of your blog is linked to another blog working on a poem or story, then the reader of that blog will not come to read your blog post related to web design. Because web design is worthless to a poetry reader.
He doesn't want to read or understand web design. In this case, the matter will seem annoying to him. On the other hand, when the search engine crawler finds the link of your blog found in that blog, throws the link and comes to your blog and sees that there is no similarity between the article of your blog and the article of that blog, then the search engine will mark it as spam. In this case, the backlink from the blog will work against the interest.
From the above discussion and analysis, I want to make it clear to you that no matter how you create backlinks, they should be related to the content of your blog. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. If you work with web design, try to create backlinks from other websites that are working on web design.
When working with Android mobile, try to create links from Android-related websites. In the same way, when you create an internal backlink, make sure that you add a post link that has a full relationship with the post. Do not reduce the value of the post to search engines by creating unnecessary links.

Lastly, I have tried to give you an easy idea about what is backlink, why, and how to increase backlinks. If you like our post, be sure to share it on various social media including Facebook and Twitter. You can express your opinion about the post through comments.

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