Covid-19 Vaccine Booster Dose Registration In Bangladesh

Covid-19 Vaccine Booster Dose Registration In Bangladesh

The Covid-19 vaccine registration program has already started in our country. Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Covid-19 vaccine registration program. Those who want to get Covid-19 vaccine have to apply through pre-registration. So those who want to get the Covid-19 vaccine have to register online or through apps. No person will be vaccinated without a pre-registration.

Anyone can register for vaccination at home. There are currently two methods for registering to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. One is to register the Covid-19 vaccine using the Surokkha app and the other is to register by visiting the website Bangladesh’s ICT department has launched the Covid-19 vaccine management system shurokkha app. The Covid-19 vaccine registration program will be completed in 2 steps. Two Language are available in registration for vaccination. One is Bengali and the other is English.

Covid -19 Vaccine Registration Form

To get the Covid-19 vaccination registration form, first, visit

After entering the website, you have to click on the registration button. Then one by one registration form will be available by following the given steps. The forms are provided below.

Covid-19 Vaccine Registration Process

The first step in the Covid-19 vaccine registration process is:

Must visit site

Then you have to click on the registration button

And the citizen class must be selected. This means that the person who wants to be vaccinated has to decide what class or profession he belongs to. The categories that fall within the citizen category are given below.

  • Government health workers
  • Private health workers
  • Heroic freedom fighter
  • Law enforcement
  • Military paramilitary defense forces
  • Various state offices
  • Media worker
  • Public representative
  • City and municipal workers

After that you have to give the national identity card number and date of birth.

Then you need to confirm your identity automatically by clicking on the verify button.

The next step is to select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for long term disease, whether it is comorbidity.

Then you have to choose whether you are involved in the profession of the registered citizen and the work of the government Covid-19.

At this stage, you have to give the time of registration to the mobile on which you want to get the information and verification SMS of the vaccine.

Later in the form you have to select the current address and vaccination center.

And at the end of all the registration has to be completed with the OTP received on the mobile.

Once the registration is complete, you have to collect the card by clicking on the ‘Vaccine Card Collection’ button.

The date and center of vaccination will be informed by SMS to the registered mobile number at the scheduled time.

A copy of the printed vaccine card and national identity card should be taken with you when visiting the vaccination center.

Download the Covid-19 vaccine registration process

Covid-19 Vaccine Registration App

First of all, download and install from a Google Play Store.

Then enter the app and follow the Covid-19 vaccine registration process.

Covid-19 Vaccine Registration App

The Covid-19 vaccine registration process details how to register for the vaccine. Therefore, there is nothing new to say about this. The registration process for vaccination is very simple. So those who are interested in registering for vaccination must follow the prescribed procedure.

Covid-19 Vaccine Registration SMS

After registration for Covid-19 vaccine, the vaccination card has to be collected. To collect the card, you have to download the vaccine card by clicking on the vaccine card download button. An OTP SMS in the form of notification will be sent to the mobile number while downloading the vaccine card.

There will be a number to give SMS, you have to provide that number and download the vaccine. The main reason for this is that no unwanted person other than a certain person can download the vaccine card. The date and place of vaccination will be informed later via SMS or in the form of notification to those who use the app.

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