What is Hosting? (Web site hosting, Web hosting, and Webhosting)

What is Hosting

Hosting and domain are required to create a blog or website. In a previous article, We write about what is a domain name. In today's article, we will discuss in detail what is hosting, what is web hosting, how many types of hosting, and what is the price of hosting.

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Therefore, if you want to buy Hosting for building a blog or website, then learn about Hosting and Hosting from today's article.

What is hosting

In the world of the Internet, to create a website or blog, the website or blog where all the data is stored is called hosting. All the text, videos, images, documents, audio files of a blog or website are stored on the hosting server of that particular website or blog.

When a user searches the specific domain name for the domain name that is required to create the website, the domain name of that website or blog points to the hosting server, showing all the data of the website to the user.

This means that all the data that is accessed on the Internet by the domain name is stored or stored on the web server or web hosting.

An example is:

Suppose you want to open a store. But the store needs a place to open, where you can keep all your products and equipment. A customer can go to that particular place to see and buy your products.

Hosting is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. All data on a particular website is stored on the hosting. When a user enters a specific domain name and searches for a website on the Internet, the domain name points to the webserver, showing the user all the data from that website.

What is the meaning of hosting?

Hosting is a type of web server. Where all the data of a particular website or blog is stored. When a user searches the Internet for a specific domain name, they can see all the data on that website or blog through the hosting. Through the connection between the domain and the hosting, a website emerges in front of the user.

What is a host or what is a host?

When a computer is connected to a network, it is called a host. Sometimes a computer or any other device connected to a network is also called a host. It can be a mobile, tablet, or any other device. There are different types of hosts. Such as network host, web host, etc.

A network is needed to connect one host to another. And communication is made by making connections between one or more hosts through a network.

Domain and hosting is a type of web host. Web hosts handle different types of hosting servers. And provides hosting services to various customers.

For example: When a domain is connected to the hosting through a network, it falls within the web host.

How many types of hosting

  1. Dedicated hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Shared hosting
  4. Managed Hosting
  5. Cloud Hosting
  6. Reseller Hosting

All of these types of hosting are discussed in detail below. From here you can easily find out what hosting does and how much it costs.

Dedicated Hosting

If a whole CPU is taken as hosting it is called dedicated hosting. We know that a certain CPU has a certain RAM, hard disk, processor. If a website owner uses the entire CPU as hosting, it is called dedicated hosting.

An example is:

Suppose you bought a house. Since you have taken the house yourself, you can use the whole house alone. No friends or relatives can stay here. Now, this whole house is Dedicated to Hosting. Here you can store all your personal belongings at home.

The cost of this type of hosting is between 8000-20000 Bangladeshi Taka per month.

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

  • The user has the most control over the hosting.
  • The highest security is available in this hosting.
  • The user can easily access anything.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting

  • You have to spend the most money to buy this hosting.
  • A lot of technical knowledge is required to control this hosting.
  • If you can't control it, hire a technician.

VPS Hosting

When a dedicated CPU is divided into separate submachine or virtual machines, it is called VPS hosting. Suppose a dedicated CPU has 8 GB of RAM, then VPS allows that dedicated CPU to be used by everyone by splitting the RAM for different website users.
So when a CPU shares a sub-machine or creates a virtual machine, allowing different users to access their website, it is called VPS hosting.

For example:

You rented a house and shared it with 4-5 friends. And everyone started living in separate rooms. Now you and your friends will pay the rent for that house together. And everyone will be able to keep their belongings in that house together.

This type of hosting costs up to BDT 2000-10000 per month.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

  • Gives the best performance for the website.
  • You can control the flower by yourself.
  • You can upgrade memory and change bandwidth as a website.
  • More privacy and security.

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting

  • Need to have technical knowledge.
  • Less Resource is available from Dedicated Hosting.

Shared Hosting

When a VPS hosting is shared with different users, it is called shared hosting.
So dedicated hosting is divided into VPS hosting, and splitting VPS again creates shared hosting.
In shared hosting, a CPU can be shared with many users. But the hosting company decides how many people will share a shared hosting with.
After you share a room with your friends in a house, if a new person is given a place to stay in that room again, it is called shared hosting. Here you can allow 4-5 of your new friends to stay in one room.
To buy this type of hosting you have to pay 40-300 rupees per month to a specific web hosting company.

Benefits of Shared Hosting

  • Set up is very easy.
  • Great for new blogs.
  • It is very easy to control.
  • Available at low cost.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

  • Security is very low.
  • Very few resources are available.
  • Sometimes the performance of the website is bad.

Managed web hosting

The type of web hosting that a company or large organization uses is called managed web hosting.
Let's say we use WordPress to create a blog. But there is a type of hosting called WordPress Hosting that the WordPress company has created for its users. Through which any WordPress user can optimize and rank his website or blog well.
When a hosting company manages itself with the help of various tools, it is called managed web hosting. Here specific companies create such hosting only to serve their users. However, sometimes large organizations also create manage to host.

For example:
Suppose you have a flat of your own and you manage that flat yourself. Where you can see if your customers are having any problems. And managing to look after the flat yourself to fix the problem.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is when specific domains are accessed from different servers.
For cloud hosting, different servers are kept in different countries or places. When a specific user of a country wants to use a specific website, the domain is connected to the web hosting of that country.
Suppose your website gets traffic from these three places in America-India and Bangladesh. If an American user wants to open your website, your website will be accessed using a server located in the United States. Again, when a person from India visits your website, your website will become a point with the help of a server in Bangladesh.
As a result, your website will never go down. And all the data on your website is stored on each server for different types of servers. If your data is deleted from any server then you can get that data back from any other server.
The cost of this type of hosting is 400-600 BDT per month.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is when an entire CPU is purchased from a specific company and shared with different users.
Here you can buy a specific hosting in your own name and rent it with other users.
This is called reseller hosting because you are buying and reselling it. Suppose you buy a hosting then you set different prices in this hosting by dividing it into different sections called VPS, Shared, Business. Then he contacted different users and said that you have a hosting that you want to rent. You will then be allowed to use this hosting by renting from the users who will come to buy this hosting for you.
For example:
You are buying a house from another person and renting it out to others in your own name.

Cost of hosting

Different types of postings are priced differently. Here is a description of how much money can be rented monthly for a specific hosting.
  1. Shared hosting - 40 to 300 BDT
  2. VPS hosting - 2000 to 10000 BDT
  3. Dedicated hosting - 8000 to 20000 BDT
  4. Cloud hosting - 400 to 1000 BDT
  5. Reseller hosting - 3000 to 60000 BDT

What is a hosting server?

When a website is connected through hosting, all the data from that website is stored on the server of the specific hosting company. This server is called a hosting server.
All the data of customers, backups, files, passwords are stored in the hosting server of a particular company.
The best domain hosting provider in the country
If you want to buy hosting for your blog or website, you can buy hosting from all these trusted organizations. All these companies are the best domain hosting providers in our country.
  • Hostgator
  • Namecheap
  • Hostinger
  • Bluehost
  • Dreamhost

How to buy hosting

If you want to buy hosting then by visiting all these websites, you can buy hosting according to the traffic of your blog.
So from here you can go to any website, create a new account, after choosing a hosting plan, you can buy hosting by paying.
If you are creating a blog for the first time and you want to buy hosting for a new blog, then I would suggest you get Shared Hosting from Hostinger. From where you can buy hosting for very little money. After learning to blog well later, you can upgrade your hosting plan in the future according to your blog traffic.

How hosting works

We know which hosting points to the domain name. When a user searches the name of a website on the Internet, the IP address of that particular domain; Point to the hosting, makes connections between the domain and the hosting.
The domain name system or DNS is used to associate the domain with the hosting. Through DNS, a domain can understand which particular domain is associated with which server. Since there are many types of server storage on the Internet; So DNS, after finding out which server the specific domain belongs to, connects to the specific hosting.
After pointing the domain name to a specific server with the help of DNS, the hosting is allowed to display all its data from the specific IP address, and then if the hosting server gives permission, all the data of that hosting can be seen and read by any internet user.
All of these things happen in a matter of seconds. So the user cannot understand all this. When they search the internet for anything, they see it in a blink of an eye.

How to Choose the right hosting

If you want to buy hosting for the first time then you have to buy hosting with many things in mind. Because a website and hosting depend on a lot of things. For this, first, find out the information given below and then buy hosting.


The job of hosting is to always show your domain to the users and keep your website in front of the internet. But there are many types of hosting companies that go down most of the time. And a lot of the time your website may be down from the Internet.
Therefore, before buying hosting, choose the company that will guarantee your website 99.9% uptime.


The main thing in any website or blog is speed. If your website is delayed, a user will leave your website and access someone else's website. Because there are many types of websites on the Internet that provide similar information. So no user will wait for the website to open, he will immediately go to another website.
So check the speed of the hosting you are taking. For this, you can discuss with the users who have already used the hosting of that company.
The speed of the website sometimes also affects SEO. If the speed of your website is low then Google will put your website behind.


Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be accessed on your website every second. If your hosting bandwidth is low, your website will slow down due to high traffic. If so, choose to host with unlimited bandwidth.

Disk Space

The most important part of hosting is the place of hosting. Where all the data on your website is stored. Like mobile memory cards, it has a certain limit. So if your hosting's Disk Space is filled then you can not store any new data in your hosting. So with this in mind, choose a hosting service with unlimited disk space.

Customer Support

Buying hosting from that hosting company; Take a look at their support system. Sometimes help and support are needed due to a lack of technical knowledge. This is because there are so many types of hosting problems that it is not always possible to fix on your own. Therefore, before buying hosting, you must check the customer support of the hosting company you have chosen.


The biggest thing to keep in mind about your website is security. If your hosting company does not provide security for your website then your website information is at risk of being stolen. So choose a web hosting company that enhances website security.

SSL certificates certainly play a big role for websites. Putting an SSL certificate on a website increases its security many times over. So when buying hosting, check if the company is providing an SSL certificate.

Money-Back Guarantee

Sometimes when using a hosting service, there are various problems with that hosting service. So you need to leave that hosting service and go to another company's hosting service. To do this, make sure that the hosting company you are currently trying to join offers a guarantee of a refund after paying for the service, or for how long.
If you want to buy hosting services from a hosting company then you must buy hosting from a company that offers a money-back guarantee. This allows you to easily transfer your website to another hosting provider company with your refund.
Hopefully from the above article, you will get complete information about what is hosting, how many types of hosting are there, and how hosting works. If you have created a new blog, you can use shared hosting.
Conclusion: Hopefully from the above article you will get complete information about what is hosting, how many types of hosting are there, and how hosting works. If you have created a new blog, you can use shared hosting.

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