What is Domain Name

What is Domain Name

What is a domain: If you are thinking of creating a blog or website, then the first thing you need to know about the subject is the "domain". So, what is a domain or what is a domain, you have to understand it first.

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Remember, whenever we visit a website online on the Internet, we encounter conflicts with the domain. In fact, through the domain, we can find different types of websites on the Internet. And, if you wish, you can visit those websites.

Just as we can be found by your name and mine, so in the world of the Internet, other websites can be found by their domain name.

For example, if you want to come to my Bengali website which is active on the internet, then you also have to come to my site using my website domain “www.freeseolearn.com”.

Simply put, my website name, identity, and address are all my "domain name".

And, without a domain name, neither you nor anyone else will ever find your blog or website on the Internet.

By the way, I know, you must have a little knowledge about what a domain name is. But, in this article, I want to tell you all about the domain.

So, what is a domain name, how many types of domains, how to survive a good domain, and how to buy a domain name. All in all, I will break down your articles one by one.

What is a domain?

A domain name or DNS (Domain naming system) is a nomenclature by which we can identify any website in this vast world of the internet. All types of websites on the Internet are connected to an IP address.

And, this IP address (Internet Protocol Address) is a numeric address that tells the Internet browser you are using that the website is hosted on a server and location on the Internet.

Now, whenever we search by typing the domain name of a website in our web browser, that domain name points to the real IP address of the server of the website.

And, from the actual IP address of the website, find the actual address of the website where our website is hosted in our internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer).

As a result, we can see and use the website that is connected to the domain name searched in our web browser.

Thus, we do not use the domain name, the direct IP address of any website in the web browser URL box to search, but we can visit that website. All websites must have an IP address.

For example The domain name of the Google.com website is “Google.com” and its IP address is “”.

You can go to Google's website using both domain name and IP address.

But, is it possible for you and me to remember the names of so many websites through just a few numbers? This is never possible for ordinary people.

To simplify this complex process of remembering a website name by IP address, a "domain name" consisting of words and sentences is used.

With this, we can easily remember the name of any website.

What is a domain? How it works.

What is a domain? How it works.
Each website is hosted or stored on a web server. And, a domain points to the IP address or numeric address of the server of that website.
In this way, whenever we search by typing the name of the website in our web browser, the website points to the IP address of its server through the domain name. And as a result, in the web browser, the website searched by the domain can be found.
In the end, a domain name is a much simpler name to find any website on the Internet than an IP address.
And, this name is used using some sentences or words to make it easier to remember.
So, you probably have a better understanding of what a domain name is, what a domain does, and how a domain works.

Types of Domain

There are many types of domain names. Below I will tell you about some of the most important types of domains. This will allow you to choose the right domain for your website whenever you are thinking of buying a domain.

1. TLD - Top Level Domains

Top-level domain (TLD) or internet domain extension with the highest value (value) domain extension. These domain names are the most commonly used. This is the last part of a complete domain name. The next part of writing dot.

For example: If I talk about the domain name of my blog, then BanglaTech.Info is my domain name and the word “Info” after the dot (.) Is my top-level domain extension.

On a website or blog, if you use these top-level domains, your website's reputation will be good in the eyes of both visitors and Google. And, it will benefit you.

TLD or top-level domains are called SEO Friendly domains. Because google search engine gives a lot of importance to the website having this category (domain) domain extension.

So, if you are thinking of creating a website or blog, then it would be better and more profitable to use this type of Top Level Domain.

Example of some TLD or Top Level Domain extension

  •  .Com (commercial)
  •  .Org (Orgenization)
  •  .Net (Network)
  •  .gov (Government)
  •  .edu (Education)
  •  .biz (Business)
  •  .info (Information)
You can buy this kind of domain extension from any domain buying website with some money. 

2. ccTLD - Country Code Top Level Domain

If your website or blog is targeted at a particular country, you can use this type of ccTLD domain extension. This type of domain extension is named after a country's two-letter ISO code.
Some examples of country code top-level domains
  • .Us (United States)
  • .In (India)
  • .Bd (Bangladesh)
  • .Cn (China)
  • .Us (United States of America)
  • .Ro (Romania)
And, there are many more domain extensions that have been named targeting only one country.

Domain Providers

If you are thinking of creating your own blog or website for your own business or personal use, then you must buy a Top-level domain.
You can get a domain name for around BDT 500 to BDT 1500. It is important to renew every domain you purchase every year.
If you want, you can buy the domain for 2, 3, 4, or 5 years at a time. That's up to you.
To purchase a domain name, you need to go to the "Domain Name Service Providers" on the Internet. And, you can buy a domain by creating an account of your own.
Here are some of the best domain name service providers on the Internet:
  • https://www.namecheap.com/
  • https://www.hostinger.com/
  • https://in.godaddy.com/
So, now if you want to buy a domain, you can go to the websites mentioned above and register a top-level domain at a much lower price.

How to Buy a Domain

The way to buy a domain is very simple and straightforward. Whether you want to buy using mobile or computer, in both cases you have to buy the domain by following some similar steps.

Step 1.
First of all, I have to go to any of the above-mentioned Domain Name Service Providers or domain buying websites.
Remember, the rules for buying domains from all kinds of websites are almost the same.
In this case, you can buy the domain from Godaddy. Godaddy is the most reputable website from which about 80% of people buy domains.

Step 2.
After visiting Godaddy's website, on the first page, we will see a box that says "Find your domain".
Now, enter your desired name in the find your domain box and click on the “Search Domain” button on the right.
Step 3.
After clicking on the search button, if the domain name you searched for is available, it will be shown to you on the next page.
Search your domain 
As you can see in the picture above, the domain name we searched for has been written as available.
That is, the searched domain is available for purchase.
Now, if you want to buy the available domain you are looking for, then you have to click on the “Add to cart” option.
Step 4.
After adding the domain to Cart, you now need to create your own account.
create GoDaddy account
To create your own Godaddy account, go to the “Create an account” option on the left and click on the “Create account” option with your email ID, username, and password one by one.

Step 5.
After saving your domain name and then creating an account, now you have to make payment from your payment (payment) page using the payment option as you like.
GoDaddy payment option
As you can see in the picture above, you have been given a lot of easy options like net banking, debit card, mobile wallet, UPI.
So, by saving the payment option like your mind and convenience, you can buy the domain by paying.
So, this way you can easily buy a domain name from Godaddy using your mobile or computer.

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