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Train Ticket Service in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh Railway is the state-owned railway company of Bangladesh, responsible for providing rail transportation services throughout the country. The railway system in Bangladesh is one of the most important modes of transportation for the people.

One of the services offered by Bangladesh Railway is the purchase of train tickets. Train tickets can be purchased in a variety of ways, including online, at a railway station, or through a travel agent.

Online Ticket Purchase:

Bangladesh Railway has an online ticketing system that allows passengers to purchase train tickets online. To purchase a train ticket online, passengers must first create an account on the Bangladesh Railway website. After creating an account, passengers can access the online ticket booking system and select the desired train, class, and date of travel. Payments can be made using a credit or debit card, or through mobile banking. Once the payment is successful, the train ticket will be sent to the passenger's email address as a PDF.

Station Ticket Counter:

Passengers can also purchase train tickets at a railway station ticket counter. The ticket counters are usually open from early morning to late evening. Passengers must produce their National ID card or passport to purchase a ticket. Cash and card payments are accepted at the ticket counters.

In conclusion, purchasing a train ticket in Bangladesh is a convenient process with various options available. Passengers can purchase a train ticket through the online system, at a railway station ticket counter, or through a travel agent. The online ticket purchase system is the most recommended as it saves time and reduces the spread of COVID-19. Passengers must also note that they need to carry a valid ID card or passport while traveling by train in Bangladesh.


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