How To Apply For E-passport

How To Apply For E-passport

Many people want to know how to apply for an e-passport in Bangladesh. In this post we are trying to share all About E-Passport Applications in Bangladesh  All You Need To Know. If anyone tries to apply for E-passport but does not know where they can get an e-passport online application form, what is the e-passport fee in Bangladesh or the e-passport check online process? In this guide, we’ll inform you of all the steps about how to get an e-passport online fast, hassle-freely, and at a low cost.

What is an E-passport?

An E-passport is a passport that contains an electronic microprocessor chip and antenna, as well as the passport holder’s photo, fingerprint, and eye-iris scan. E-passport holders are not required to wait in line at the immigration counter to have their visas checked. Passing via electronic gates is significantly faster. You can now apply through an e-passport online application form from anywhere in the country.

How to Apply E-passport Online

You can easily complete the e-passport apply by following this guide. To apply online, go to and click on the first tab on the left labeled ‘Apply Online to get the e-passport form (e-passport application form).

  • If you are not registration following the website Firstly you must register on this website click on (APPLY ONLINE) see attached photo.

  • Registration with your nearest District and Police Station (see attached photo)

  • Then confirm with your email address. Then Verify your email. After confirmation of your email then add your phone number.

  • Then you successfully Sign Up you can Apply for E-Passport.

Apply New E-Passport

  • Click - Sign in

  • Enter your email address and Passport and click Sign in
  • Click - Apply for a new e‑Passport
  • Fillup this form for your information.
  • Finally, you got a PDF Form

E Passport Fee for Bangladeshi

The fee has been fixed for those who live in Bangladesh.
Validity: 5 Years (48 Pages)
Regular: 3,500 Tk
Urgent: 5,500 Tk.
Emergency: 7,500 Tk.

Validity: 10 Years (48 Pages)
Regular: 5,500 Tk.
Urgent: 7,000 Tk.
Emergency: 9,000 Tk.

Validity: 5 Years (64 Pages)
Regular: 5,500 Tk.
Urgent: 7,500 Tk.
Emergency: 10,500 Tk.

Validity: 10 Years (48 Pages)
Regular: 7,000 Tk.
Urgent: 9,000 Tk.
Emergency: 12,000 Tk.

E-passport Delivery time

There are three types of passport distribution procedures for new applicants. Normal, urgent and Emergency.
Delivery Type
Normal: 21 Days
Urgent: 7 Days
Emergency: 3 Days

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