How to Apply Driving License Learner

In our previous article Types of Driving Licenses in Bangladesh and How to get a driving license, we mentioned the importance of carrying a driving license and the types of licenses that are available in Bangladesh. Today we discuss How to Apply Driving License Learner in Bangladesh.

How to Apply for a Driver’s Learner in Bangladesh?

Simply figuring out how to drive doesn't make your street lawful. You must have a permit to drive. This is vital as driving includes numerous basic perspectives like street rules, comprehension of signs and images, and the main, the security of oneself and different drivers.

Along these lines, since you know how to drive let us guide you through the most common way of applying for a permit.

Apply for a Learning License

A long-lasting driving permit isn't given straightforwardly, you get a student's permit first. This is done to give you an opportunity to catch up on your driving abilities and street information. To get a student's permit you ought to be 18* years old or more seasoned, ought to be educated, and in great shape. To apply for a Learner's License visit this entryway -

Follow Step by Step:

  • Go to the BRTA Website -
  • Register on BSP Portal with Your NID Card, Mobile Number, and Email.
  • Login to your BSP Account with Username and Password.
  • Click Driving License >> Learner License Application
  • I Agree >> 
  • Form--
Driving License Type *Non-Professional *Professional


*National Identity No
Note: Applicant birth year must be added before 13 digits of National Identity No.
*Date Of Birth

BRTA Driving Learner Form Online

How to Apply Driving License Learner

Prerequisite Of Learner License Application:

1.  Photo (Maximum size 150 KB) of the applicant
2.  Medical Certificate from registered Doctor
3.  National ID
4.  Utility Bill
5.  Existing driving license [ Applicable to the renewal of driving license/class change/class addition/change of license type ]
6.  Educational Certificate 
7.  Legal action will be taken against those, who provide false information while submitting the online applications, including cancelation of their learner driving license and smart card driving license

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