What is Coding? How to Learn coding

What is Coding? How to Learn coding

What is coding? In a word, coding is the process of using a programming language to perform a task on a computer.

What is meant by coding

The word code or coding means - cryptography, statutory laws. That is to say, coding is such a subject and the people associated with it are a good way to record the data of all things up to other entities. You can code based on any topic.

Simply put, everything we see on our computer is the result of coding. And these codings are written in different languages. Such as: C, C ++, Java etc.

Types of coding

There are different types of coding. This is because one software provides different types of coding and different types of coding to facilitate the work.


1. Functional programming:

Here the programming formula and sentence type are given more prominence than performing instructions.

2. Modular programming:

Modular programming is the sequence or sequence of many functions. A variety of applications are created through this programming.

3. Object-Oriented Program:

It is a suffix that has improved computer programs through a variety of revolutionary changes. This is a different form of modular program. It is currently the largest in the world of programming. An important point is that in the case of coding, one should understand its types very well and work by looking at its instructions. Because if the instructions are wrong, your code will not work.

E.g.- How to comment How many tabs or spaces should be given in the text to see if the variables and functions are correct. You need to make sure that the type of code is correct.

Language used for coding

Different types of languages ​​are used for different applications depending on the type of coding, the subject matter, the programmer's thinking, the ease of work.

E.g.- Assembly Language, Array Language, Concurrent Language, Authorization Language, Command Line Interface Language, Compiled Language, Data-Oriented Language, Data Structure Language, Language.

Types of coding

There are different types of coding based on language and application.

1. Web Language:

Even if you are not a professional programmer, you can still work as a web developer and build a website. For this you can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

2. Windows coding:

Any work done to improve Windows, such as right-clicking in Windows Explorer, is roughly known as Windows coding. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. C ++, C #, .net are useful for writing Windows applications. If you know C ++ well, it is easy to learn C #, VB.net.

There are also some different types of languages ​​that are useful for writing large applications, even if they are not very noticeable. Such as ActionScript, VBA, etc. These are used to write applications like Word, Excel, Gaming.

How to learn to code

You can learn to code anyway. Nowadays there are different types of institutes for teaching coding or programming. You can also learn programming online from home. There are several good websites for this.

If you are new to programming, you can start with Python. You can start in a very nice way.

English Tutorial:

1. Programming Hero

2. W3Schools Online Tutorials

3. Python tips and tricks

Requirements for learning programming:

The benefits of learning programming are immense. Because it will take your qualification level even higher. So as you move forward successfully in the job world, you will be able to do various things yourself.

You can open your own website and here you can earn money by teaching your own language to others. Be able to do your own business. For example, you can sell good quality software, you can sell good mobile apps.

You can also earn money by doing freelancing work. Moreover, you can open your own software company. In today's world of computer development, the demand for programmers is increasing. So you too can enter the world of programming and create something new by acquiring skills yourself.

Computers can perform many tasks with extraordinary speed and accuracy. The problem is that the computer or any machine is unable to understand our language. So we need a medium to communicate with our computer.

Coding is the process by which we instruct a computer to complete one or more specific tasks. That is, we give instructions through coding how and what a computer will do.

In a word, coding is the process of getting a job done with a computer using a programming language.

At present, the charisma of this coding is at the root of everything from calculators to mobile phone apps, computer software, supercomputers. All the work that is being done today with artificial intelligence (AI) is being done with line after line coding.

In today's world of increasing demand for machine learning and software development, coding with that programming language is at the root of it all. And those who do this coding are called programmers, the demand for good programmers around the world is peaking today.

So learning to code is more or less what everyone needs today. In the language of computer science, coding is the act of writing some logical instructions using a programming language to create software. The computer works according to these instructions. The sum of many instructions is called a program. Software is the sum of many programs.

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