How to Create Blogger Landing Page

How to Create Blogger Landing Page

Landing pages are a very important part of getting a website or blog up to professional standards. Because landing pages make it possible for website visitors to get an idea of ​​the entire site in an instant.

As a result, the visitor can easily visit the desired place by realizing which aspects of your website he needs. Moreover if you are launching a website for a business or organization then you must have a landing page for the website.

How to create a Landing Page using Blogspot Blog?

Creating a landing page for platforms other than Google Blogger is easy, but there are some complications with Blogger. Because if you create the main page of Google Blogger in the form of Landing Page, you have to read the complexity in the case of post page. That's why I have to go through a lot of trouble to create Blogger's Landing Page. Here's how to create a landing page for Google Blogger with the right blogger themes.

Why Landing Page?

No matter what the purpose of your blogging or your website, you should always try to keep valuable content on the main page of your website. With a landing page you will be able to present important issues of your organization, social media, upcoming events and product promotion to the visitors.

An attractive landing page of professional quality can attract the attention of the readers and keep them as regular readers of your blog. Moreover, every good website has a beautiful landing page. For this reason, a blog needs a landing page. (Note: Add interesting Cookies Notification Bar to the blog)

How to create a landing page?

To do this you must have some basic idea about HTML and CSS. If you don't have knowledge about these two things, you need to get some speed to design the page properly. If you do not have any knowledge about this, you can contact us.

  • Login to the blog first.
  • Then create a new page by clicking Page> New Page from the Blogger Dashboard.
  • How to create a Landing Page using Blogspot Blog?
  • Click on the New Page in the image above to see the image below.
  • How to create a Landing Page using Blogspot Blog?
  • Click on Page Settings on the right side like the image above and do the settings like the image: Publish the page with the name of the page
  • Now click on Theme> Edit HTML from Blogger Dashboard.
  • How to create a Landing Page using Blogspot Blog?
  • Then from the keyboard, press Ctrl + F to search for the]]> </b> skin> section.
  • Now paste the Css code below under the]]> </b>: skin> tag.

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;Your Landing Page URL&quot;'>
<style type='text/css'>
/* Hide Options
--------------------------------------- */
/* Hide Options,If Using Default Theme
--------------------------------------- */
/* Changing Width
--------------------------------------- */
  • Here you have to put the URL of the page you created in place of the red color Your Landing Page URL. As a result, this Conditional Tag will only apply the design to the Landing Page.
  • Now if you paste the HTML and CSS codes of the desired design in the Editor of the Landing Page you have created, the Page will be created.
  • How to create a Landing Page using Blogspot Blog?
  • That's all.

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