HSC 5th Week Sociology Assignment Answer 2022

5th week Class 10 Social Science assignment Answer 2022. SSC Social Science assignment answer 2022  is available on our website. If you are a 2022 SSC examinee and looking for Social Science assignment answers then you come to the right place. you will find a Social Science assignment solution with PDF. Let’s know in more detail.

HSC Assignment 2022 All Subject 5th Week

Science group students have to prepare HSC 2022 Social Science Assignment Answer. Those, who have Social Scienceematics as a Compulsory subject, have to create a total of 10 assignment solutions. Of these, 5 are for the 1st paper and 5 for the 2nd paper. Those who have the subject as an optional or fourth subject do not have to make an assignment on this subject.

HSC Assignment 2022 5th Week Social Science Answer

The 1st assignment of Social Science assignment starts from the 2nd week. The second assignment is in the 3rd week, the third assignment is in the 5th week, the fourth assignment is in the 6th week, the fifth assignment is in the 8th week, the 6th assignment is in the 10th week, the 7th assignment is in the 11th week, the 8th assignment is in the 12th week, the ninth assignment is in the 14th week and the 10th assignment has been assigned for the 15th week.

2022 HSC Assignment Social Science 1st Paper

HSC 2022 Social Science Assignment

Students of the HSC Science Group will get 50 marks for 10 assignments in Social Sciences. This is the full Marks for a total of 10 Assignments in Social Science Subject. The remaining 50 marks will be given by Social Science MCQ Test. A total of 50 marks will be taken in Social Science 1st and 2nd papers Assignment Solution and another 50 marks will be given for MCQ Test for 1st and 2nd Paper.

HSC Social Science 1st Paper Assignment Answer

HSC Social Science 1st Paper Assignment is for 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th and 13th week. During these 5 weeks the student has to create 5 assignment solutions for Social Science 1st paper and submit it to the college. The full marks for these 5 assignments will be 25 marks. The remaining 25 marks will be for the 2nd paper of Social Science. In the same way 25 Marks MCQ test will be taken for the Social Science first. The result Social Science 1st Paper will be published on the basis of the marks obtained in the assignment and MCQ examination.

HSC 5th Week Sociology Assignment Answer 2022

Instructions for students

1) To solve the assignment, you have to use the textbook approved by NCTB.
2) If you copy from the guide or someone else’s assignment, the assignment will not be accepted. Moreover, you have to rewrite the assignment.
3) Students have to show their own individuality and creativity in creating assignments.
4) The student has to write the assignment himself/herself.
5) Write the assignment on a clean white page.
6) On the cover page of the assignment, i.e. on the first page, the student should write his/her own name, class, ID, subject, and assignment title neatly.
6) If a student is away from the educational institution for any reason, he/she should talk to the head of the institution. The student must follow the instructions of the head of the institution

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